The Main Thing

We are the FOCUS Team here at WSU. Our goal is to invite college students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. We do this by both inspiring and equipping these students for a lifetime Catholic mission that involves Evangelization, Discipleship, and Friendships. All of this is done in hopes that they will lead others to do the same.


Get to know the FOCUS members!

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Hey there, my name is Carter Hawkins. I come from the great state of Nebraska and am an alumnus of Auburn University and a member of Theta Chi Fraternity. I studied Finance and Spanish, although I’m still working on perfecting the Spanish-part. I come from a big family, where I am the fourth of six kids. I enjoy the outdoors immensely and love cooking up a good meal. I became a missionary because I wanted to be a bridge for those guys out there that have no hope and think that all there is to life are parties or whatever job comes after graduating. God has changed my life and I want to see others find that same joy God brings me. Shoot me a text at 402-301-4844 or email




Lauren LargenHi! My name is Lauren Largen and I am one of the stellar FOCUS missionaries at WSU this year. Stop and say "Howdy!" next time you see me! Shoot me a text at 402-450-9942 or email at



Paul Mosher

Hey! My name is Paul. God has called me to serve college students. You'll typically find me hanging out at the university cafe, the Newman Center, or high-fiving people around campus. I have a pretty cool story about how Jesus has changed my life -- I think you should hear it sometime! Come find me and I'd love to share it with you. :)








Anne Marie AlwanHello! My name is Anne Marie, and God has called me to serve at Washington State University in the Pacific Northwest! I have the best job in the world. I get to walk with students on their journey through college and invite them into a deeper relationship with Jesus. I am excited for them to experience the abundant peace and joy that His love has brought to my life!








Ryan Peters


Hey! My name's Ryan, and I'm so blessed to be able to call myself a FOCUS missionary. God has called me to serve college students at Washington State University. Go Cougs!! You'll typically find me praying or hanging with the men and women God has graced my life with! I have a pretty recent story about how Jesus has impacted my life! Come find me and I'd love to share it with you! I'll be around! 


Horizon Points

These are the points we will use to guide everything that we do within our mission at WSU.

Divine Intimacy

This will be the primary focus of everything we do. It will start with daily holy hours and Mass ending with 10 minutes of intercessory prayer. One of these will include a "Power Hour" of a walking rosary and shared Lectio Devina. We will also receive monthly spiritual direction, attend a semesterly retreat, and have a monthly reflection. 

Authentic Friendship

We will show students the "art of living" by inviting them into our lives as we model how to authentically live as followers of Christ. This will start with the team and extend to our disciples and those we encounter on campus. This will include prayer, leisure, and general outreach. By this, we will share the love, hope, and joy of Christ with those around us. 

Spiritual Multiplication

We will share the vision for spiritual multiplication with our disciples within a month of them entering formal discipleship. By modeling and living the other horizon points along with sharing clearly the vision, we will equip the students with tools to live the life-long Catholic mission. We will prepare through our weekly formation and through using five FOCUS verses.