Student Leadership

Sean Swalling

Sean Swalling, President

Zuzia Bochniarz, VP Records & Liaison.
Zuzia Bochniarz, VP    Public Relations.


Annie Gardner, VP Internal Affairs Special Affairs
Annie Gardner, VP
Special Affairs







Andre Calvo, VP General Events
Andre Calvo, VP
General Events







Marie Boragine, VP External Affairs
Marie Boragine, VP
External Affairs


Catholic Newman Association

The Catholic Newman Association serves as the "Pastoral Council" of our community. The members meet monthly and help Father set policies, develop programs, and evaluate our community's assets and needs.
The Catholic Newman Association also serves as our on-campus registered student organization, ("RSO"), so that our ministry can reach beyond our property lines and extend onto the campus itself.

Leading the Catholic Newman Association this year are Jim Wright, president, Zuzia Bochniarz, VP of Recurring Events, Liz Wells, VP of Special Events & Sean Swalling, VP of External Affairs
Dr. John Babu Mariadoss serves as University Faculty Adviser.