A Light on the Hill Campaign


    Atop College Hill, right in the midst of Greek Row, sits St.Thomas More—a vibrant Catholic student center at Washington State University. In 1978, construction of our current facility was begun under the leadership of Fr. E.F. Caffrey, and our forebears couldn’t have selected a better site.
    We believe God has placed
    St. Thomas More in this prominent place to be a light to the entire university campus
    Now the time has come to renovate our facilities to help us shine the light of Christ more brightly on this hill.

  • Our Vision

    A new renovation will enable St. Thomas More to more effectively reach the university community at Washington State University. Plans include:

    • enhancing the beauty of the chapel
    • creating a clear main entrance to the building and reworking the upstairs floorplan
    • exterior improvements to the building and landscape (bell tower, staining exterior brick, outdoor gathering space)
    • infrastructure upgrades (HVAC, lighting, fixtures & equipment)
  • YOU can make this vision a reality!

    Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us in the "A Light on the Hill Campaign" to make a life-changing impact in the lives of countless university students?
    Construction is set to begin in Summer 2022!
    Due to a $500,000 gift from a very generous donor, in combination with other lead gifts, we are already more than halfway to reaching our campaign goal of $1.2 million!

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